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The editorial assembly (EA) allows eligible users to propose and vote on changes to the wiki.

Registered users with a minimum of 10 edits (excluding user pages and user talk pages) can propose changes. To vote on a proposal, users must have made at least one contribution to the wiki up to 90 days before the bureaucracy authorized the proposal. Users with bypass moderation rights can propose and vote on changes without meeting these requirements.

The minimum deadline for voting on a proposal is a week. Before more than half of eligible users have voted on a proposal, voting should last at least two weeks. A proposal should state if it has a different voting duration.

Unless mandated otherwise by the bureaucracy or Miraheze (stewards or global sysops), votes on a proposed change are non-binding. A proposal typically passes if it has more support than opposition. Duplicate votes do not count, and voting using a puppet account results in a permanent block.


Proposals should have a unique subpage, such as this example.


The bureaucracy deletes proposals that it refuses to authorize, whose subpages can be reused (recreated) in the future for different proposals. Include your unauthorized proposal's subpage in the table below. Proposals denied authorization should not be listed.

Proposal Proposer


The editorial assembly can vote on open proposals.

Proposal Proposer Authorized Cutoff Duration


Passed proposals reached enough positive consensus.

Proposal Proposer Authorized Cutoff Duration Results


Rejected proposals failed to reach enough positive consensus.

Proposal Proposer Authorized Cutoff Duration Results