Schizoid Nightmares Wiki:Policy

The policy of the Schizoid Nightmares Wiki includes compulsory rules and optional guidelines for behaviour and content on the wiki.


Abiding by the following rules is compulsory (violations may result in punishment):

  1. Every user must comply with Miraheze's Terms of Use.
  2. In order of precedence and provided doing so does not violate the first rule, every user must obey the instructions of users in these groups:
    1. Stewards
    2. Global sysops
    3. Bureaucrats
    4. Administrators
    5. Interface administrators
    6. Moderators
    7. Rollbackers
  3. Every contribution must be relevant to documenting the creative works of Schizoid Nightmares unless doing so violates the first or second rule.
    1. The wiki does not consider the opinions and comments of Schizoid Nightmares relevant unless they strictly pertain to his creative works.
    2. Schizoid Nightmares' reviews of other creative works reach relevancy only if recognized by a media platform (e.g. featured by a platform's editorial team).


Abiding by the following guidelines is optional but highly recommended (violations may result in correction):

  1. Use Canadian English for the wiki's content and any mutually intelligible variety of English for communication with other users.
  2. Use YYYY-MM-DD (EST/EDT) as the date format for citations.
  3. When possible, archive cited sources using the Wayback Machine or (
    1. Both the Wayback Machine and appear to capture dates in UTC; correct these capture dates to EST/EDT when citing them.
    2. Use for Reddit archives, as the Wayback Machine does not appear to archive Reddit posts properly (e.g. usernames are often missing from posts).
  4. To avoid ambiguity, use the Oxford comma, and unless doing so creates ambiguity, use American style quotations.