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Schizoid Nightmares Anthology I
Cover art by Vlad Momot
Type Web fiction anthology
Genre(s) Science fantasy
Adventure · cosmic horror · horror · thriller
Availability English (Canadian)
Origin(s) Canada
Author(s) Schizoid Nightmares
Released April 12, 2023–present
Words 16,116+
Series Absurd Realms
Next Parallel
Licensing CC BY 4.0
URL Official page

Anthology I (full title: Schizoid Nightmares Anthology I)[a] is an ongoing web fiction anthology of short stories by Schizoid Nightmares. It is the first entry in the Absurd Realms series.

Short stories[edit]

Title Artwork Release Words Genre(s) Premise
"Flesh Run"
A.I. placeholder
April 12–September 17, 2023 7556 Cosmic horror, thriller Set in an enclosed labyrinth of fleshy muculent membrane from the first-person perspective of a nameless protagonist, who, along with a group of other "adult fetuses," struggle to survive the many deadly trials inside their eldritch "mother" (later first referred to in "Heaven Falls" as the Primordial)
"Heaven Falls"
A.I. placeholder
September 30–October 2, 2023 1725 Science fantasy, absurdism Set in the Heaven's Sanctuary civilization, 10,000 years after the emergence of Man in Heaven Valley, where an elderly man tells a group of schoolboys their history
"The Gorge"
A.I. placeholder
October 4–November 4, 2023 6835 Adventure, horror A thousand years after "Heaven Falls," the HSS Heaven Sails sets out on an expedition, with a nameless historian, from Heaven's Sanctuary across the ocean in the hope of finding new land to settle



  1. stylized as Schizoid Nightmares Anthology One

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