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Schizoid Nightmares (SN) is a pseudonymous netizen and free-content creator active since 2019.



Schizoid Nightmares first appeared on the Internet during the first half of 2019. He joined Wattpad on April 15[1] and YouTube on April 19.[2]

On May 13, he joined Twitter[3][4] and also posted his first fictional works on Tumblr:[a] "The Other World,"[5] "Flipper Uprising," "Coming of Age,"[6] and "Facial."[7] In the preface of "Flipper Uprising," Schizoid Nightmares states he originally published it on April 16 as the second story in Schizoid Nightmares Anthology I.[8] This statement would make the original publication of "The Other World" also possibly earlier than May.

He joined Reddit on May 20.[9] On May 29, he released the short story "Extrajudicial" on Tumblr.[10]

Schizoid Nightmares privately registered the domain on June 18.[11] A day later, on June 19, he created a subreddit for his creative projects.[12]

In the year's final quarter, he released the short story "A Day at the Superstore" on October 9 on Tumblr[13] and joined GitHub on December 31.[14]



He retroactively changed the licensing of his work to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) on April 10. The only exception to this retroactive change was the content he released to the public domain. He stated that any software he releases would be under the MIT License.[15] On April 24, he released the short story "Blood, Soil, and Margarine" on Tumblr.[16]

On May 20, he posted a review for the 2019 South Korean film Parasite on his account,[17][a] which the site later featured.[18]

Schizoid Nightmares released his first music track, "Life Cycle," on Bandcamp[19] and SoundCloud,[20] accompanied by its music video on YouTube on June 11.[21] He released his second music track, "Rainy Day," on October 27, on Bandcamp[22] and its music video on YouTube.[23]

Using Miraheze, Schizoid Nightmares founded the Schizoid Nightmares Wiki on October 30 to document his creative work.[24]


On January 14, Schizoid Nightmares tweeted that he would be re-publishing his short stories "soon." In this tweet, he also stated his intention to improve the presentation of his previous short stories and wanted to swap "traditional profanity" with "absurd euphemisms." He intends the newer versions of his stories to retain their "original themes and overall plots."[25] Later, he tweeted on February 10 that he was working on an alternate history.[26]

From July 3 to October 7, he maintained a fork on GitHub of Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator (AFMG), an open-source map generator. His fork primarily focused on expanding biome generation.[27][28][29] He later on November 25 published a tutorial on Medium explaining how to generate custom biomes using the non-forked version of AFMG.[30]

Schizoid Nightmares stated in a series of tweets on July 12 that his objective is to unify his stories into a fictional science fantasy universe. Incorporating elements from his past stories, he wants each adding to "a greater picture" released in chronological order. He plans to work on his first anthology (titled the same as his earlier Anthology I) and two novels: Parallel and The Flippers.[31]

On July 31, August 16, and September 2, Schizoid Nightmares tweeted his rendered concepts of a fictional planet named Masgoi (IPA: /mɑsˈgɔɪ̯/).[32][33][34] He stated on Reddit that he intends for Masgoi to be the starting planet of his paracosm.[35]


Schizoid Nightmares released a remaster of his "Life Cycle" music track via SoundCloud on September 14.[36]

On December 11, Schizoid Nightmares announced on Reddit that he was closing his Twitter account and, thenceforth, would use his website and the subreddit for posting updates instead.[37]



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