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Anthology I (full title: Schizoid Nightmares Anthology I[a]) is an ongoing web anthology of short stories by Schizoid Nightmares. It is the first entry in the web fiction series Absurd Realms.

Short stories[edit]

"Flesh Run"[edit]

"Flesh Run" (released April 12–September 17, 2023) is a cosmic horror thriller set in an enclosed labyrinth of fleshy muculent membrane. The story is from the first-person perspective of a nameless protagonist, who, along with a group of other "adult fetuses," struggle to survive the many trials inside their eldritch "mother." The humanoid inhabitants of "Flesh Run" are described as all adult-sized, sexless,[b] hairless mutes of approximately identical height and appearance — with only slight facial dissimilarities.

Scenes in "Flesh Run"
# Title Release Words Summary
I "Birthing Pool" April 12, 2023 655 The protagonist emerges from one of the many natal orifices attached to the ceiling of an enclosed membrane cavity. After falling into a deep, acidic pool below, the protagonist discovers more of their kind, mostly drowned corpses, but a few still alive, struggling to stay afloat. The protagonist manages to avoid drowning and escapes after reaching the pool's edge.
II "Milk Fever" May 2, 2023 795 After a muculent river beyond the pool leads them to a membrane cavity with an "udder" attached to the ceiling, the protagonist wrestles with other humanoids to suckle its "teats." The protagonist mentally nicknames two out of the no more than a dozen humanoids that occupy the cavity: one, "Lucky," for being the first almost to suckle a teat, and the other, "Elbowed," for being elbowed in the face by Lucky. The udder's milk is mysteriously tantalizing and has an intoxicating effect on all of them (including the protagonist). The membrane floor "swallows" Lucky and the protagonist one by one after they drink from the teat.
III "Deep Throat" May 8, 2023 804
IV "Forbidden Fruit" May 12, 2023 663
V "Rib Cage" May 19, 2023 1060
VI "Salivary Duct" May 27, 2023 797
VII "Mucous Spa" June 19, 2023 688
VIII "Bite Me" September 8, 2023 1291
IX "Fleshed Out" September 17, 2023 803
Total 7556

"Heaven Falls"[edit]

"Heaven Falls" (released September 30–October 2, 2023) is set in the Heaven's Sanctuary civilization, 10,000 years after the emergence of Man in Heaven Valley. The story is from a third-person perspective, focusing on an oration by an unnamed elderly man. He tells a group of boy students the founding history of their society.

Scenes in "Heaven Falls"
# Title Release Words Summary
I "The Wise One" September 30, 2023 637
II "The Primordial" October 1, 2023 493
III "The Valley" October 2, 2023 595
Total 1725



  1. stylized as Schizoid Nightmares Anthology One
  2. lacking sexual characteristics